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No one should ever go through their battle with cancer alone. It's really hard to make it through such a difficult journey on your own. It's the same for us. We have partnered with some great businesses and car clubs to our passions together in our fight against cancer!


CFC Summer Remix

Our Summer Remix event is something new that we are bringing to the community. While it may seem like just another car meet, there's a difference. This meet is all about raising money for another charity, research group, or a family in need of our services. Full of good people, good music, and some sweet rides. We aim to have a great time while benefiting a greater cause.

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Shine Bright

While we love having fun at track days and car shows, the true core of who we are is fighting cancer in every way possible. The Shine Bright program is aimed to make sure that cancer patients don’t have to go without during one of the most difficult times of their lives. Click the link below to help us make sure that those being affected by cancer are taken care of, and feel the support that only YOU can give them!

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Cancer Survivors Park

Survivors Need Your Help Too

In our hometown of Greenville, South Carolina, there is a new park that has been built for those who are battling cancer and those who have survived their diagnosis. This park is for ones who have pushed back and defeated the demon that cancer truly is. Please stop by sometime and enjoy the park's beauty and bring your loved ones to the Beacon of Hope at the top of the park! Join us in raising money for them to continue their mission of bringing hope to those battling cancer, and helping those have conquered cancer.

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