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The only way we can truly reach our goal is by donations from people like you! You are the reason we are able to continue on our path to reach our goal of putting an end to cancer.


One Mission: Beat Cancer!

Burning Rubber & Fighting Cancer!

Here at Cars For The Cure, we are driven by a single goal; to use our automotive passions to reach people in need during their fight with cancer! We also strongly support research centers and organizations who are striving for the sole purpose of putting an end to cancer.



Making A Difference


Car Shows

With our goal being based around the automotive industry, we have no choice but to throw ourselves into our favorite things... like CAR SHOWS! Whether we host the event ourselves, or team up with a partner, you can catch us at your next show!


Charity Events

This is one of major venues, which is raising money to support families, help fund cancer research, and hopefully save lives!


Track Events

Whether its a local autocross, or Formula Drift and Gridlife. We want to be at every possible track event to share our passion for fighting cancer with fellow enthusiasts through our cars.

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