On December 6th 2019, we received word that a young boy named Will Sidebottom, of Asheboro, North Carolina, had a heart transplant from 2016 that was failing. We read this on a Facebook post from Joey Whitaker, a well known drifter and friend of Will‘s family, who was asking for anyone and everyone to help the family achieve Will’s dreams and get to ride in a Lamborghini. As we read this we thought, “how can we help him?” Never mind the fact that he doesn’t have cancer. This

Back2Basics Season Opener 4/6/2019

Car Show season is here! Finally, after the holidays and the freezing cold of winter, we are finally back into the full swing of the Car Scene. Some of us kicked off the season at Import Alliance in Atlanta, but here in the Upstate of South Carolina we kicked it off with the one and only "Back 2 Basics" put on by our very good friends at Misperception, a local car club that is very well known around here, at Anderson Motor Speedway. Mario, Philip, and the rest of Misperceptio